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Sinus lift

A sinus lift is commonly recommended when preparing for an implant, especially if you have been missing teeth for some time. During the period of having missing teeth in that area, your sinuses can move to lie very low and close to the bone at the back of your mouth. The aim of this procedure is to increase the amount of bone in the area where your sinus has been occupying.


  • Makes it easier for the dentist to fit an implant
  • Helps replace any bone that was lost because of periodontal disease
  • Does not depend on the volume of the initial bone
  • Improves dental health

Treatment Steps

  • An incision is made on the cheek side of the patient’s gum tissue.
  • After making the incision, the dentist will pull back the patient’s gum tissue and expose the surface of the jawbone that lies underneath.
  • The exposed bone is cut like a hinge, this moveable section of bone is then pushed gently inward and upward into the sinus cavity.
  • The bone movement will carry the attached sinus membrane along with it, therefore lifting the membrane to create a new, higher level.
  • The lifted sinus membrane is then packed with bone-grafting material, providing the new bone into which a tooth implant can be placed.
  • the bone-graft material has been positioned, the gum tissue flap is stitched back in place.


Swelling can occur around the area involved, but this will go down in a few days.

We can provide you with decongestants and antibiotics to help fight off any infections. We also recommend that you avoid blowing your nose for a couple of weeks to let your sinuses settle.

We advise to wait around 6-9 months to ensure the bone is strong enough to accept implants before undergoing implant surgery. In perfect circumstances, the implants can be placed straight after the sinus lift.

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Excellent !! was extremely nervous but made me feel very relaxed lovely staff and great service highly recommend.

T Milner | 09/06/2017
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Excellent service! LS1 Dental is a highly professional team made by approachable and friendly people. They will explain in simple word what you need, and will help you carry on with your oral hygene at home. Very very happy!

Leire | 08/26/2017
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